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You can select the services and products you need for a current request from the request box. Individual service is to be understood literally here! You can use all the functions that are available in the other offers. In addition, special services are available.

Dream job

To create a target profile, in order to be able to follow one's own career path, one should know and visualise it


to record and analyse existing competences and recognise potential fields in order to record and classify one's own possibilities

Learn to learn

Analysis of learning type, skills optimisation, educational counselling, feedback on progress, optimisation of learning successes

Corporated Design


With Wishbox, you as a partner benefit from our experience along the candidate journey. Our core competences are modern skills analysis and agile skills development based on a sound seniority analysis: education or studies, junior, professional, senior, principal or people leader.

Self realisation

Karriereplattform offers the (virtual) home for a self-directed career that is as individual as our talents and their desires for fulfilling and meaningful work. We are the partner who can be both coach, advisor and silent listener.

Team Excellence

We have the team that continuously strives for team excellence itself and in changing constellations and is happy to shape this together with your team. We take on challenges and learn from each other and with each other. Working with our (virtual) team promotes the joint development of team skills.

Value-oriented Leadership

Having gone through the start-up phases ourselves from the ground up, we have the necessary experience and skills of a heterogeneous team to analyse and optimise innovative business ideas, develop business model canvases and prepare for a pitch (presentation of the business idea to investors).

Experienced partners

On to the New Work

We are the right partner who combines expertise in learning-work-skills, new-work-skills with classic IHK training for trainers, training and further education pedagogues, vocational pedagogues and HR specialists. This is how your employees become fit for the new world of work in agile HR and servant leadership.

Experts Request

Karriereplattform provides you with experts for New Work & New Learning

Flash Team Work

Our network consisting of experienced and highly motivated experts to relieve your team (alternative to outsourcing)

Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing of personnel management for trainee selection, application processes and personnel development.

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