New career paths

The world is changing. That has always been the case. It is just changing much faster today than in earlier times. This has an impact on all areas of life. But the transformations are most evident in the professional world. Here, jobs are disappearing and new ones are being created. New technology and new skills are needed. And all this is happening at a rapid pace. At the same time, work models are also changing. The Corona crisis has shown how important digital technology and digital skills are. For the first time, home office was talked about throughout society. New working time models are also becoming increasingly established. The boundaries between sectors and companies are becoming more and more blurred and what used to be normal is increasingly becoming a rarity: hardly anyone today can stay in one and the same company from the end of their training until retirement. And many no longer want to. More and more, specific opportunities are opening up that employees and employers want to take advantage of. They must also make use of them in order not to close themselves off to the megatrends of the time. It is not for nothing that the saying goes, “If you don’t move with the times, you will move with the times.”

New career paths therefore arise structurally from the new conditions on the labour market, from the new goals and visions of companies and from social changes. But they also result from the motivation of individual workers and self-employed people. A path is not a motorway – not an asphalted and fixed route. A path can be found with a bit of luck in nature, between fields or through the forest. Sometimes a path is also something you have to make yourself. There is no better way to describe the visions of today’s and tomorrow’s careers. We leave conventional paths in order to be able to go our own way off the beaten track. This is more important than ever nowadays, because in a VUCA world we have to be able to orientate and structure ourselves.

New career paths are not so much predetermined by companies, but rather one’s own visions, values and motives that lead to embarking on new careers instead of driving in well-trodden tracks. The new career paths are “holistic”. It is not just about one dimension, but as many as possible. Besides a good salary, other aspects are added: self-realisation, self-organisation, a good balance between professional life, family and leisure time, health and personal development. On the new paths, we don’t just want to satisfy the needs of the working world, but above all to contribute our own creatively and innovatively. This is exactly what we do on the career platform – step by step. With every step you take with us, you design your own path. Don’t worry! We do not give you a direction! We merely provide impulses so that you can find your own orientation in the jungle of the VUCA world, set goals and get started immediately. We help you to unfold your potential and take the right place in a complex world.

Features of new career paths at a glance:

  • more autonomy and responsibility,
  • more room for development,
  • more creativity,
  • more cooperation,
  • more visionary power,
  • more flexibility and agility,
  • more reflection,
  • more health and resilience.