AI-supported career planning and competence-based further training

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As a German platform, we offer an agile location for career planning, lifelong learning and competence orientation in the disruptive VUCA world. Our ultimate goal is to provide individual support for successful career paths through self-direction and profile identification.

VUCA & New Work

Support and orientation in the VUCA world (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity).

Career & Management

Efficient planning of individual careers through competence profiles (actual and target profile identification, labour market analyses, development of careers and perspectives).

AI & Digital Learning

AI-supported profile identification and learning support for detailed analyses, sustainable career steps and long-term learning success. Digital learning environments and learning tools are available.

Private or Business


The Karriereplattform takes into account the own visions, values and motives of our talents who have a new understanding of career and potential development. 

They want to flexibly set new goals, understand the requirements, reflect on their competences in discussions in order to derive necessary measures.

At the same time, companies strive to attract self-motivated and innovative people with an agile growth mindset.

To meet these two requirements, tailor-made solutions are needed.

The Karriereplattform is the first agile framework that brings together the interests of our talents with the aspirations of companies.

With the Karriereplattform, individual career paths can be developed, skills can be analysed and, if necessary, appropriate educational solutions can be integrated.

Competence & Orientation

Promote individual competences and identify current competence requirements and development opportunities.

Lifelong learning

Demographic change, ever new working conditions: We must and may always learn everywhere. Together we succeed in doing this at the highest level. We stand for a lifelong learning process.


Learning succeeds best when you are in control of it yourself. Control your learning processes yourself. We will help you with this!

The Karriereplattform from the user's point of view

We are said to

"Infinitely valuable for me was the realisation 'that I've got it - that I should just dare!' as Samuel put it and encouraged me to just dare. A coach can neither make the decision for me nor walk my career path for me, but he can accompany me on this journey. And Samuel does that brilliantly. Personally, it did me good to hear that I'm not alone in this."

Coachee after participation in the programme of the Karriereplattform

"Many coachees are too critical of themselves and have expectations of themselves and their fellow human beings that are difficult to fulfil. It is these special encounters with people that make life so exciting, which is why I love to recommend the AMATUM Agency."

Coachee after participation in the programme of the Karriereplattform

"When I met Samuel as a lecturer in the agile human resource management course, I was inspired by his story and his energy.  Samuel manages like no other to activate the participants, to describe a VUCA world with his biography and to work out success strategies with the participants. He succeeds in mixing knowledge transfer and fun in learning. I can highly recommend the IHK preparation courses of the AMATUM Academy!"

Course participant after participation in the programme of the Karriereplattform

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