Even if the growth formula is increasingly reaching its limits and the voices are becoming louder and louder that economic growth would only bring more harm than good, a person’s personal growth is unaffected by this. Self-realisation needs growth: growth is self-realisation – self-realisation is growth. Just think of it like a flower that enters the earth as a seed and then matures. It unfolds, realises itself in its growth. The exciting thing is that the growth never ends. Maybe the plant doesn’t grow much bigger, but it changes again and again – depending on the environment and internal factors. In the end, it dies again, but that is also a natural process. Growth does not mean going up and up, but rather that a development comes to full fruition. Emergence and decay belong together. Growth always means that something becomes smaller elsewhere. An example from professional practice: If you want to continue your education and choose, for example, a course for digital skills, then these become more mature. But during this time they lack the space to develop analogue skills. One grows, the other is left out. At, we work with you to develop your own growth plan. We focus on those skills, abilities and areas of knowledge that are in line with your goals and conditions. We understand growth for what it is, namely a natural and controllable process.

We want to leave as few parameters as possible to chance and make your personal growth sustainable. Just like a plant, we put a seed in the ground and in the right environment a wonderful flower will come out of it. Think of the career platform as fertiliser and sunlight. For your growth to succeed, you need not only goals but also to look at the aspects that do not follow the linear shape in growth. This means: direct your focus on your individual potentials, but do not forget that there are also other aspects in you that do not grow up so directly. This is especially necessary with regard to career paths, because growth on these is always dynamic.