Competence development

People used to talk about key qualifications, but for some time now it has been competences. The term key qualifications suggests that there must be a lock and someone who has the right key can open it. Competences already play a supporting role in primary school and in almost all educational standards. The concept of competencies encompasses all of a person’s abilities, skills and knowledge. Anyone who wants to get a job or become self-employed needs suitable competences. Therefore, qualifications do not stand “in themselves”, but are always to be understood in relation to the demands and conditions. Competence development aims to strengthen those competences that are indispensable for a suitable career path. Self-realisation is also linked to this. If this is understood as the development of individual potential, then it can only be about the development of the respective competences.

Competence development begins with an actual and target analysis, which is then followed by concrete further training, which is accompanied by the acquisition of competences. Once the qualifications have been developed and the corresponding potential is available, one can devote more time to professional orientation because the “toolbox” is up to date. It is of great concern to us not to develop competences in a generalised way, but to focus on the individual personality. We help you to challenge and promote your valuable competences. Valuable competences are all those that you want to use with pleasure and great motivation. Of course, there is little point in expanding your mathematical competences if your talent goes in a completely different direction. At the same time, however, certain mathematical competences can be a prerequisite for a desired professional position. In that case, it is advantageous for you to acquire mathematical skills. That is why a basic analysis is very important at the beginning. Together we look at what you already have, then we look at what can or should be optimised and finally you receive a suitable training programme with which you can work in an individualised and self-directed way.